Patent Search Strategies for Success

Join us for our complimentary webinar and New Jersey CLE course: Patent Search Strategies for Success. James Fahy, J.D. and Peter Shea of RWS will provide the essentials of patent search, starting with why it is critical to your intellectual property (IP) portfolio and then covering the different types of patent searches available. Through this […]

IP Trends of 2017

Our IP Trends Indicator gives you a view into what your IP colleagues are doing to keep up with the changing patent landscape. If you are in private practice, you will find plenty of insight into what your in-house clients are facing, so you can better advise and serve them. This year’s survey showed that overall […]

Webinar Recap: Patent Search Strategies for Success

On Wednesday 15th November, James Fahy and Peter Shea led a webinar titled ‘Patent Search Strategies for Success’. The webinar began by covering three main tool types available for strategy creation: Keywords and classification Citation Name covering applicants, investors and signees Peter Shea emphasized that ‘A strategy balancing the strengths and weaknesses of all appropriate […]

Patent Search Strategies for Success

Join us for our webinar and New Jersey CLE course: Patent Search Strategies for Success. We are excited to invite you to our complimentary webinar and NJ CLE course on November 15th, 2017. For those licensed in the State of New Jersey, you may receive up to 1 General CLE credit for attending. Not an […]

Webinar Recap: Top Filing Tips for China

In recent years, patent filing in China has increased significantly with companies and law firms recognizing the budding potential of the market. Caroline Chenique and Justin Simpson of RWS presented a webinar hosted by WIPR on October 17th sharing their top tips on patent filings in China. Simpson and Chenique considered different ways that those […]

Webinar: 10 Steps for Managing Your Patents in China

Join  RWS and WIPR for a complimentary webinar as we discuss patent filing strategies in China. As the largest growing consumer market in the world, enforcing your intellectual property (IP) in China has become increasingly critical. In this webinar, we will discuss the ten steps your organization should take when seeking patent protection and help […]

Join us for our webinar on September 28: ‘Patent Search Strategies for Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)’

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar on September 28th, titled ‘Patent Search Strategies for Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs)’.   This webinar will be led by two of our in-house patent search experts, Peter Shea and Dan Barnes, who will present an overview of patent search services and discuss search strategies for […]

Foreign Filing Roundup

Good morning. Please read on for the latest updates in intellectual property (IP) news from the week of August 11th: The 2017 Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator, an annual report issued by RWS, was recently featured in Corporate Counsel. They highlighted a few key findings, including that over 41% of respondents filed more than […]

Corporate Counsel: 2017 Global Patent & IP Trends

We recently launched our 8th annual Global Patent & IP Trends Indicator. Some compelling facts from the report include that more than 41% of respondents filed over half of their patent applications overseas in 2016, compared to 34% who said the same the previous year. Corporate Counsel recently featured the report on their website and […]

Foreign Filing Roundup

Good afternoon readers, here is a round up of this week’s updates in intellectual property news: July 31st 2017 was the 227th anniversary of patents in the USA. On this day in 1790, the very first patent was signed by President George Washington, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson and Attorney General Edmund Randolph. The Supreme Court […]