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Stay abreast of the latest patent activity in your sector
Watches by classification and / or Applicant and / or Inventor

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*Month = 4 week publication period. Weekly reporting available at £15.00 per week

Worldwide coverage is possible, through the 100+ publishing authorities currently available in PatBase.

Alternatively specific territories can be selected to focus on those areas which are key to you and your competitors.

includes up to
200 hits per month*


Conducted via RWS' own PatBase database. PatBase is based largely on Inpadoc data and is updated weekly. PatBase is organized into patent families.


A profile is set up according to your specifications, either by:

  • Classification usually by IPC, but also CPC (ECLA replacement) or USPC if required,
    and / or
  • Applicant, and / or
  • Inventor.

If required, RWS assists with setting up a suitable profile (an additional surcharge may apply).


We report new patent families as well as additions to existing families. This includes new publication levels from the same issuing office (e.g. new EP A publications as well as new EP A2 and B publications).


Delivery of a zipped Web Archive (readable by any standard web browser) by email. Report includes:

  • Details of watch query and publication period.
  • Bibliographic data.
  • Patent family data.
  • In many cases drawings and English abstracts (usually available for EP / GB / US / WO).
  • Hyperlinks to the location of the respective publication in EspaceNet (for PDF-downloading) and class definitions.

Reports are run and dispatched on the Monday following the last week of publications.

Pricing A single flat fee for up to 200 hits per month. No additional disbursements

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Key Assets

  • Over 50 years experience
  • In-house team of technically qualified multidisciplinary researchers
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Expertise in all technical areas
  • Extensive range of search tools and resources
  • ISO 9001 accredited procedures

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