Key Experience

Highly experienced leader with wide ranging knowledge over several key geographies and industries: with over 33 years’ experience of financial and managerial positions, Richard utilizes his experience of working within RWS and other industries to lead the company, enhance the company culture, and profitably grow the business. 

Strong financial skills: joined RWS in October 2012 as CFO and Company Secretary, and played a pivotal role in RWS’s move into life sciences translations, spearheading the acquisition of CTi and LUZ. Following the acquisition of CTi, Richard was appointed deputy CEO in 2015. 

Good communication skills: with experience at all levels of management, Richard clearly articulates a vision of RWS’s growth strategy.

Career Highlights

  • RWS Chief Executive (April 2017 – Present) 
  • RWS Deputy Chief Executive (October 2015 – April 2017) 
  • RWS CFO (October 2012 – November 2017) 
  • CFO, Actix International Ltd (2006 - 2012) 
  • CFO, Torex Retail Plc 
  • Various financial roles, Courtaulds Textiles Plc (1989 - 1999), including CFO of Courtaulds’ operation in Nanjing


  • Fellow Chartered Accountant I.C.A.E.W. (“FCA”) 
  • BSc (Hons) Jt Chemistry and Physics, Hull University