Structured Content Collaboration and Co-Authoring Made Easy with SDL Tridion Docs 14

SDL’s Leading Component-based Content Management System Provides New Draft and Review Spaces to Unify Teams and Contributors Across an Organization

Maidenhead, U.K.
10/2/2019 8:00:00 AM

SDL (LSE: SDL), a global leader in content creation, translation and delivery, today announced the latest release of SDL Tridion Docs, bringing the power of structured authoring to knowledge workers and subject matter experts (SMEs) in a unified, collaborative environment. As a leading component-based content management system, SDL Tridion Docs 14 now allows any contributor within an organization to easily author, review and collaborate on any type of structured content. 

SDL Tridion Docs 14 provides an intelligent way for companies to create, translate, manage and deliver structured content such as financial and legal documents, technical product documents and eLearning material that often involves dozens of contributors – from authors to subject matter experts, translators and reviewers. Authors can create content in different languages across any format and output, including AI applications, smart or connected-devices, while avoiding content duplication across the enterprise. 

The platform also eliminates the risk of errors and delays typically caused when documents are shared through email, files and spreadsheets. Its new Collective Spaces feature, which includes a Draft Space and Review Space interface, enhances the editing, reviewing and approval process – making it easier and more efficient for contributors. This means even occasional contributors or subject matter experts can now author, review and edit structured content without the need to understand and work directly with the underlying DITA based XML. 

“Creating and editing documents within a structured content environment is normally exclusively reserved for only a few within an organization in order to maintain integrity and version control of a document. However, an annual report, for instance, would need contributions from the corporate finance-suite as well as investor relations and legal teams. Similarly, a technical document would need input from multiple engineers – who don’t necessarily have the knowledge required to edit structured content,” explains Jim Saunders, Chief Product Officer, SDL. “The new Collective Spaces features introduced through SDL Tridion Docs 14 now make it easy for anyone to review and edit whole documents – or just their respective section – in an agile way, dramatically improving the time it takes to create, translate and finalize a document.” 

Key benefits of SDL Tridion Docs: 

SDL Tridion Docs 14 has been designed to help companies who are struggling to manage a growing volume of content. It provides many benefits, including: 

  • Ability to establish digital workplaces for seamless intranet/extranet collaboration on information between employees and partners or agents at a global scale. 
  • Full traceability and audit trail of business critical information ensuring security around information. 
  • Secure delivery of precise and contextual information to individuals enabled by metadata and taxonomy. 

Draft Space features include: 

  • Whole-document View: Unlike most component content management systems that only show individual topics or components, contributors can scroll smoothly through an entire publication and edit anywhere. 
  • Intelligent User Experience: Contributors can now access essential features based on their activities and permissions. If required, they can be presented with only the sections they need to edit. 
  • Highly Configurable: Draft Space easily integrates with other solutions and third-party systems to create dashboards, monitor performance and generate business insights. 
  • Gain Compliance and Audit-trail Visibility: It provides a bird’s eye view on critical information workflows, with reports on reviewer comments, suggestions and their resolutions. 

Review Space features include: 

  • Review Overlays: Allows multiple reviewers to provide feedback on the same content simultaneously. The author maintains control over the final content and can integrate review comments at their discretion. 
  • Highly Scalable: The system supports collaboration with large, distributed global teams, both in-house and between organizations. 
  • Easy-to-use: Jumpstart enterprise-wide structured authoring and reviewing workflows with minimal training. 
  • Unified Collaboration: Centralize enterprise-wide structured collaboration workflows through easy authoring and reviews. 

“One of the big trends we’re seeing is the need for content teams to open up structured authoring systems to a non-technical audience. By allowing contributors to author and review content in a componentized manner, organizations can be far more agile, working iteratively rather than using the traditional waterfall approach,” said Tony White, Founder of analyst firm Ars Logica. “We’re currently reviewing SDL Tridion Docs 14, and will shortly publish our findings on how it helps drive this new intelligent operating model forward for large, dispersed teams.” 

As a DITA-based component content management system, SDL Tridion Docs centralizes the creation, translation and delivery of structured content, helping today’s enterprises manage and deliver business-critical information – rules, policies, procedures, product information and more – at scale and in multiple languages. SDL Tridion Docs customers span high-tech, life sciences, automotive, industrial manufacturing and financial services, and over 80% of SDL customers reported an ROI on SDL Tridion Docs in 18-24 months or less.

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