Content Will Be Agile


Digital communication has changed the world. It has shifted competition, customers and interaction to online channels, making it critical for companies to adapt to new opportunities in the moment. Your content must be nimble. It must be quick. Content agility is essential. 

With so much content being created to serve customers, translated to reach global audiences and delivered across different channels and devices, today’s companies need agility to create, manage and reuse content easily, agility to translate quickly without sacrificing quality and agility to deliver content in different combinations depending on channel, market, or individual. 

This eBook explores content agility across the entire content supply chain, including how: 

  • Modularization and the separation from layout enable content to be used across deliverables. 
  • Integrated translation management streamlines handoffs between content creation and translation. 
  • Continuous Localization translates new content immediately through an automated process. 
  • Machine translation allows companies to scale globally by applying translations to knowledge bases, forums, and user-generated content.
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