Intelligent Content in 2020 and beyond

Recorded Webinar

In the year that business continuity faced its biggest challenge, clarity has never mattered more than today. The need to motivate, inspire, inform and engage a remote employee base alongside seamless self-service customer interactions means that content needs to be intelligent, consistent and well-packaged. 

Through a combination of presentations and panel discussions, SDL experts Re:Connect by talking through our approach to content management, the reality of a digital workplace, and how to optimize existing resources to ensure that inter-dependencies are maintained and enhanced as ‘business as usual’ practices evolve. 

This session addresses the platforms required to increase content productivity and personalization, whilst simplifying technology integrations into existing ecosystems. Being able to deliver such bespoke content at scale is the differentiator that flicks the engagement and adoption switch in stakeholders, and we are on hand to tell you more.

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