New Filing Countries: Angola, Ethiopia and Kazakhstan

Angola & Ethiopia RWS is proud to announce the addition of both Angola and Ethiopia to our foreign patent filing capabilities through Spoor & Fisher of our global agent network. Delivering exceptional value to their clients through registering and protecting their IP across all of Africa, Spoor & Fisher now offers PCT filing options for […]

US Patent No. 10 Million

On June 19th 2018 the USPTO issued the 10 millionth patent. It was awarded to Joseph Marron and the Raytheon Company for their invention of “Coherent ladar using intra-pixel quadrature detection”. This device is a culmination of American invention as it can be used across autonomous vehicles, medical imaging devices, military defense systems, and space and undersea exploration. […]

A countdown to the 10 millionth Patent

Next Tuesday 19th June, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will issue their 10 millionth patent. In celebration, here are some key points in the USPTO’s history! The first Patent Board was composed of Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of War Henry Knox, and Attorney General Edmund Randolph following the 1790 Patent […]

China IP trends webinar: Join us on June 28th

Join RWS and Managing IP for our webinar China IP Trends: The Shift in Patent Filing, as we look at the data and give you tips to stay ahead of your competitors. Guest Speakers Justin Simpson of RWS (founder of inovia) and Xia Zheng, founder and president of AFD China Intellectual Property, will review trends […]

BIO 2018: A record breaking conference

This year the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) International Convention was held in Boston, MA for its 25th year. The BIO represents more than 1,100 biotechnology companies, academic institutions and organizations both in the US and in more than 30 nations. BIO members lead the research and development of innovation in healthcare, agriculture and biotechnology products. […]

RWS IP Services June Events

This coming June sees us attending eight events in locations all round the world, from Cambridge to San Francisco. Read below to see when and where you can meet us! To view all of our IP events check out our events page. June 4th – June 7th: BIO International Convention Boston, USA The BIO International Convention […]

Reading Between the Lines: Patent Filing in China

Justin Simpson of RWS explains recent filing trends in China and outlines why if the rest of the world can’t beat China, it should join it. Fluctuations in market trends and domestic policies can cause dramatic shifts in the intellectual property landscape year after year, making it difficult to track considerations beyond one’s own borders. […]

Think Local to Remain Competitive in a Global Market: the Case of the Chemical Industry

Global Strategy The global chemical industry is facing considerable challenges to its status quo: Multinationals, traditionally dominant in the speciality chemical sector, are being challenged by emerging market players as they swap production to more lucrative advanced polymers, inorganic materials and composites. A shift in global markets with Asia Pacific expected to account for over […]

WIPO’s Notable PCT Inventions

WIPO’s PCT Notable Inventions What do Google, the Magic Eraser and the inovia platform have in common? The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) named them as Notable PCT inventions. The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) has been one of the most accessible methods for applicants to protect their patents internationally for the last 40 years. When […]

The Next Generation of Talent: Multi-faceted, Localized Training for a Global Workforce

This month RWS Language Solutions was pleased to attend the BCF Annual Networking Event for coatings and chemicals industry professionals and the CIPD Learning and Development Conference. At both events, training the next generation of talent was a key topic of conversation. In this blog we review the latest approaches to training, including how we can […]