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The State of Natural Language Generation in Content Creation

Using Natural Language Generation (NLG) tools to create content has been getting quite a bit of buzz in the past few years. (NLG is a subset of the general discipline of artificial intelligence.) The first content creation engines struggled with relatively basic writing tasks, producing content that was robotic in every sense. Many of these […]

Our Six-Step Process on How to Deploy an MT Program

If you’ve been tuned in to localization technology for the past several decades, you’ve heard about the “revolution” in machine translation (MT). Some industry pundits will tell you that MT can translate anything—fast and for cheap. Others say jobs are in jeopardy because MT’s capabilities have reached parity with human translators.

Beyond Translation: How to Conquer the Global Marketing Multiverse

Most of us would say we exist in a single dimension known as the universe. But what about the idea of a multiverse? Do you believe in the existence of infinite parallel universes, each governed by their own laws of nature?

Revving up the Right MT Engine for Your Program

In a recent blog post, we ran through what it takes to execute a machine translation program, from assessing what content works best for MT to deploying an MT engine. But choosing the right engine for your projects is a part of the process that merits more detailed discussions. Considering the many choices available on […]

Interview with a Polyglot

Localization professionals tend to be the sort of people you’d call ‘globally minded’: we’re a multicultural melting pot; many of us love travel; a lot of us study languages. We are proud to be citizens of the world.

How to Market to Generation Z Across Cultures

Let’s talk about Generation Z, also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration or the more homogeneous “world’s first global generation.”

Fun Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

As the holiday’s name implies, St. Patrick’s Day celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland (there are actually three) and the missionary attributed with bringing Christianity to the Emerald Isle. The date, March 17th, is supposedly when Saint Patrick died (though since it happened way back in 461 AD, no one’s really […]

January 2018 Crowd Researchers of the Month

Each month we like to recognize the top performing Crow […]