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The “Provenance” of Global Content: an Interview with Professor Dave Lewis

Today’s localized content is often the result of deep and complex supply chains, representing a challenge not just for workflow and quality management, but also in the context of growing social demand for transparency, accountability and governance. How can the localization industry optimize its use of supply chains and minimize risk when there are so […]

Designing a Website with Global SEO in Mind

Your website needs a major overhaul to support the international growth of your business. The original site was created several years ago, and since then your product sales have expanded globally. Analytics show that visitors come to your website from around the world. You recognize that you need to expand your online presence beyond English-speaking […]

How Video Game Piracy Influences Localization

In a perfect world, all video games would be translated into all markets’ languages so that the greatest number of players could buy and enjoy them. In reality, the video game translation situation is more complex than that. Some wildly popular games in Asian markets almost never make it over to other key gaming markets […]

Why We’re Excited for LocWorld Kuala Lumpur

Who’s excited for LocWorld39? (Hint: we are.) Each year, the superbly organized localization conference brings together hundreds of professionals from growing global companies ready to take on new markets. And this year’s first LocWorld event promises to be spectacular.

RWS Moravia’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

What a year it’s been for RWS Moravia! Between all the excitement of joining RWS, co-publishing 26 episodes of the Globally Speaking podcast, and sponsoring events in Beijing, Singapore and other countries around the world, we had a lot of fun on the blog—exploring all kinds of ideas, from preserving languages of the past to […]

Making Your Website Global Before Loc

In an ideal world, we could personalize our websites for each of our markets’ unique interests and preferences. But not even the biggest companies have the time or budget to redesign each user experience from scratch. The question is: is it possible to create a global website design (one that serves most users regardless of […]