IDC spotlight report: Building an intelligent knowledge network

Raise your enterprise intelligence and use it to grow revenue

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IDC estimates that an enterprise of a thousand knowledge workers wastes 33.5 million dollars every year, searching for information but not finding it.

Intelligent knowledge networks (IKNs) are the future of enterprise information and knowledge discovery. Research from IDC shows that IKN 'transformers' – businesses that are already consistently using IKN technologies and processes – are reaping the benefits:

  • 75% have seen better decision outcomes.
  • 55% have found that better use of organizational knowledge frees their resources for revenue generation.
  • 39% reported revenue growth of more than 75% from improved use of knowledge management and discovery technologies.

Download the Spotlight to learn:

  • More about IKNs and their benefits
  • Why semantic AI – artificial intelligence used to understand human language and logic – is critical to building an IKN
  • How Tridion Docs, the intelligent content management system from RWS, can be the foundation of your enterprise IKN

Download research report