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More than words: Kaspersky Lab delivers impact in global marketing

Our solutions help Kaspersky Lab keep up with the translation demands of their global growth
More than words: Kaspersky Lab delivers impact in global marketing
With a global presence in 200 countries, IT security software company Kaspersky Lab relies heavily on a strong online presence for sales and marketing. As one of the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity companies, they found their internal translators were struggling to cope with a dramatic increase in volume of translatable content and target languages. Kaspersky Lab turned to us to streamline their translation processes to save time and increase efficiency.


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“RWS is the reason why our Digital Marketing Content team has such a strong reputation within our business. I would definitely recommend the RWS platform to anyone looking to automate their translation processes. The benefits and efficiency improvements we get are outstanding.”
Anastasiya Pozgoreva, Head of Translation and Localization – Digital Marketing Content team, Kaspersky Lab


  • Increase capacity to localize and translate content into 39 target languages 
  • Run projects simultaneously while decreasing turnaround times 
  • Manage a diverse online presence, and increasing website updates and marketing campaigns 
  • Centrally manage global campaigns while localizing content


  • Easy management of multiple sites in multiple languages with Tridion Sites 
  • 58% cost savings achieved through centrally managed translation memory 
  • Almost 46% average price reduction per word 
  • Access to industry-leading translation technology and services through our cloud-based translation platform 
  • Translation volume increased from 2.7 million words to 7 million