WIPO’s Story of the Yakuanoi

WIPO recently premiered an awareness-raising video at their Intergovernmental Committee (IGC) Meeting on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Folklore. The video[1] shared a story of the Yakuanoi people who had long been creating a skin lotion out of ‘suriam’, a plant local to their area. This lotion was traded between tribes in […]

Prior Art: What you need to know

Prior art is commonly defined as any evidence which discloses your invention as already known. A product known to exist in the marketplace before yours in an obvious example, but any public knowledge which discloses your invention (other patents, products, published literature, public demonstrations, etc.), anywhere in the world, can be considered prior art. According […]

See you in Seattle: INTA 2018

RWS is delighted to be exhibiting at INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting in Seattle, USA on May 19-23, 2018. INTA is the world’s largest and most widely attended trademark event with over 9,500 attendees from all around the world. Over the five-day conference, there will be +100 exhibitors, +300 educational opportunities in the form of sessions […]

The European Patent Office 2017 Annual Report Highlights

The European Patent Office (EPO) recently published their 2017 Annual Report[1] which gave a summary of interesting patent statistics from the last year and showed how they compare to previous years. The EPO was founded in 1973 – it comprises of 38 European member states, two European extension states and four Validation states. In 2017, […]

Managing your EWC Effectively

All over Europe, thousands of colleagues are discussing company developments at their European Works Council. While our specialist interpreting teams keep up with technology and terminology, participants need to keep up with trends and training to maximize the effectiveness of their EWC. A European Works Council is a valuable way for senior management and employee […]

Dempsey Demystifies Regulatory Cycle at DIA Europe

Sheena Dempsey Speaks at DIA Europe 2018   March 22, 2018 (Hartford, Conn.) – RWS Life Sciences Managing Director, Sheena Dempsey, will present “Demystifying the Multilingual Complexities in the Regulatory Cycle” at DIA Europe 2018, on April 17, at 3:30PM (CET), in Basel, Switzerland. Ms. Dempsey, who leads the world’s second largest life science translation […]

Evidence of Use Webinar: Join Us!

Join us on April 10th, 2018 at 12:00PM EST, for our upcoming webinar: ‚Crowdsourcing Evidence of Use: How and Why You Should‘ The webinar will be presented by Peter Vanderheyden, CEO of AOP and guest speaker Neil Simpkin, Managing Director of RWS Patent Information. Evidence of Use (EoU) assists you in demonstrating and establishing the […]

Cryptocurrencies and Patents: What Does That Even Mean?

With the rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, there have been questions about the implications for intellectual property and patents due to the previously unseen nature of the technology and processes. On March 1st, PayPal filed a patent for a cryptocurrency system. PayPal hopes to change the slow transaction time some customers have previously faced to […]

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, we’re going to look at a key moment in history for both women and intellectual property. The Patent Act of 1790 was signed by George Washington and marked the first time in American history that both men and women were given rights to their inventions[1]. However, it wasn’t until […]

CEO of RWS Visits the IPPH of China

On 2nd March Mr. Richard Thompson, CEO of RWS, visited the Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) of China. The CEO of IPPH, Mr. Zhu Mingang and the division heads, Ms. Shen Chuan and Mr. Hu Xinhua, attended the meeting. During the visit they discussed a number of important topics including RWS’s most recent acquisition of […]