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Localized Microlearning: the Answer to Training a Global Workforce?

The rise of self-directed learning YouTube is officially the world’s largest training platform, with more than 7 in 10 viewers using it to solve a problem in their job, studies or hobbies. In fact, of the top five reasons people turn to YouTube, three of them relate to learning, fixing something or solving a problem. […]

Global Investor Relations is Booming. Are you Ready?

Over the last five years, the function of investor relations (IR) has grown significantly in strategic importance for global organizations. Not only has this resulted in increasing engagement with investors, it’s also engendered more sophisticated and strategic targeting. These changes are being driven by a number of intersecting factors, including changes in regulations, technology and […]

Working with Interpreters: Top Tips for Training Course Organizers

Companies planning to have international participants attend their training courses need to have a clear understanding on how to work with interpreters and prepare for this in advance to deliver the most effective results. First things first Before you contact interpreters, you need to have confirmed the location, format, agenda and course content; these factors […]

Language Support for Global Company Integrations

When two companies begin the process of merging operations, communication is key. On-boarding several new global locations requires a strong integration plan and the right language support. Company mergers affect all departments within a business but each will have their own language support requirements. Over many years, RWS Language Solutions has developed a wealth of experience in supporting […]

NEPIC: Innovation and Growth in the Chemical Industry

On Wednesday 20 June, we were pleased to attend and sponsor NEPIC’s Meet The Members Conference & Exhibition. With a focus on project updates and networking, this annual event is attended by investors, manufacturers and suppliers from across North East England’s chemical-processing sector. There are more than 1,400 companies directly involved or in the supply […]

Think Local to Remain Competitive in a Global Market: the Case of the Chemical Industry

Global Strategy The global chemical industry is facing considerable challenges to its status quo: Multinationals, traditionally dominant in the speciality chemical sector, are being challenged by emerging market players as they swap production to more lucrative advanced polymers, inorganic materials and composites. A shift in global markets with Asia Pacific expected to account for over […]

The Next Generation of Talent: Multi-faceted, Localized Training for a Global Workforce

This month RWS Language Solutions was pleased to attend the BCF Annual Networking Event for coatings and chemicals industry professionals and the CIPD Learning and Development Conference. At both events, training the next generation of talent was a key topic of conversation. In this blog we review the latest approaches to training, including how we can […]

Advanced Security Options for Financial and Legal Translations

On 25 May, GDPR will be enforced and will permanently change the way companies can collect, store and use customer data. This new data protection regulation puts customers firmly in the driver’s seat and the task of complying with this regulation falls upon businesses and organizations[1]. In light of this upcoming enforcement, we reflect on how […]

Multilingual Legal Hearings: How to Plan for Success

When a legal hearing involves international expert witnesses, it is vital that the case does not fail because the parties involved cannot understand the proceedings. Here are our top tips for working with translators and interpreters on global cases. Preparation is key Having spent months or sometimes years preparing your case, evidence and witnesses, you […]

Managing your EWC Effectively

All over Europe, thousands of colleagues are discussing company developments at their European Works Council. While our specialist interpreting teams keep up with technology and terminology, participants need to keep up with trends and training to maximize the effectiveness of their EWC. A European Works Council is a valuable way for senior management and employee […]

Are you Maximizing the Reach and ROI of your Content?

As business operations become increasingly global, localized content is key to penetrate new markets and communicate successfully with global teams and customers. But what exactly does this involve? How can you ensure it is done effectively? Where should you focus your efforts? As a translation and localization provider, these are the sorts of questions we […]