PCT Regulation Amendments

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Amendments to the PCT Regulations were made as of July 1st 2017, which bring forth modifications including:

  • Adding a new obligation for designated Offices to timely send national phase entry and related data to the International Bureau (PCT Rules 86 and 95);
  • Requiring receiving offices to transmit earlier search and/or classification results to the International Searching Authority (PCT Rules 12bis. 23bis and 41)
  • Extending the deadline for requesting supplementary international search from 19 to 22 months from the priority date (PCT Rule 45bis.1)

The PCT Yearly Review reported that international patent applications grew by 7.3% to 233,000 in 2016. Whilst US based innovators have accounted for the highest percentage of this growth for 39 years running, China-based innovators accounted for a substantial amount of overall growth.

With any questions regarding these amendments, please get in contact with your nearest RWS office.

Top PCT National Stage Entry Countries for 2015

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2015 was an exciting and busy year for inovia. We maintained the title as the #1 PCT firm in the world for the second consecutive year and the #1 spot in the United States for the fifth consecutive year (according to Managing Intellectual Property magazine). In addition, we streamlined our internal procedures with the world’s top translation company, RWS Group to provide the best IP product suite in the industry.

This year, we expanded our agent network to 139 countries (we now cover over 70% of the world!) In September, we launched a stand-alone translation feature which enables clients to get a quote or place an order for IP related translations. This feature is intended for translations that are separate from existing PCT, European Validation and Direct filing orders with translations included.

With 2016 rapidly approaching, it’s also time to take a look back at the top filing destinations for inovia’s clients from the past year:

  1. China (13.49%)
  2. United States (8.59%)
  3. Japan (8.15%)
  4. Canada (6.89%)
  5. Australia (6.81%)
  6. Brazil (6.48%)
  7. Europe (5.98%)
  8. India (5.73%)
  9. South Korea (4.15%)
  10. Mexico (4.02%)

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WIPO’s May PCT Newsletter Recap

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Good afternoon! Each month, we look through WIPO’s PCT Newsletter to share the latest news impacting the international patent system. As always, there are several country-specific rules, fee changes and patent office notifications to report. Please see below for a recap of the major headlines from May:

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The top global destinations for protecting your IP

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Our Founder, Justin Simpson, recently sat down with Small Business Magazine to discuss the world’s most popular international filing destinations and how businesses in the United Kingdom can maximize their IP protection across the globe.

In analyzing WIPO statistics, specifically where UK cases pop up, these are the top five destinations in order of popularity:

  1. United States of America
  2. European Patent Office
  3. China
  4. Japan
  5. Canada

To receive patent protection internationally, you’ll need to initially file a patent application in your home country. 12 months later, you have to decide about overseas filings. Either buy more time (an extra 18 months) by filing an international PCT application or file directly into those countries by filing a Direct (Paris Convention) application.

Deciding what countries to file into is a major decision. Justin discusses more about where and why to file here.

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inovia Travels: Seattle PCT Seminar

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Next week, I’ll have the pleasure of attending my first PCT seminar in Seattle, Washington. Hosted by the PCT Learning Center, the „Advanced Patent Cooperation Treaty Seminar“ will feature topics including:

  • Latest updates to the PCT system
  • AIA and PLTIA related changes
  • Information on the new Global PPH (GPPH)
  • Specific module of PCT aspects of the Paris Convention
  • And more..

This event has been approved for 5.5 hours of Washington State MCLE and will attract attendees ranging from small and large IP firms to Fortune 500 companies. Registrants can expect comprehensive sessions held by intellectual property experts.

If you or your colleagues will be in the Seattle area on May 6th, consider attending the PCT seminar, tailored to U.S. practice. inovia clients and friends can receive a $50 discount for the program; contact us to learn more.

Top PCT National Stage Entry Countries for 2014

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2014 brought exciting changes to inovia. We expanded our global reach, improved existing technology and finally became #1 in the world. Read on for inovia’s 2014 year in review:

This year, inovia finally overtook the title of the #1 filer of PCT applications in the world while maintaining the #1 spot in the United States for the 4th consecutive year (according to Managing Intellectual Property magazine). In addition, our agent reach expanded as clients were able to file into 134 countries (68% of the world!)

In March, the inovia team announced the expansive redesign of the inovia.com platform. With our new layout, we enhanced existing technology and offered clients an even more powerful and comprehensive global instruction tool. These changes ensured that our foreign filing platform, inovia.com, was well placed to handle the volume of cases and foreign filing strategies of our clients.

With 2015 only days away, it’s time to look at the top national stage filing destinations for our clients from the past year:

1. China (12.5%)
2. Japan (8%)
3. Canada (7.5%)
4. Brazil (7.1%)
5. United States Of America (7%)
6. Australia (6.1%)
7. Europe (5.9%)
8. India (5.8%)
9. South Korea (4.7%)
10. Mexico (4.3%)

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