IBM Tops Leaderboard for 23rd Consecutive Year

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IBM topped the leaderboard for the most patented inventions in 2015 for the 23rd year with 7,355 new patents. Samsung & Canon were a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively.

IBM noted in a press release that its top spot reflects prowess in a variety of fields including cognitive computing, the cloud and artificial intelligence. The figures come from IFI Claims, a research firm that compiles patent records.

While the overall number of patents in the top 10 mimicked 2014, there were still some movement to note. Google rose from #8 to #5, overtaking the spot formerly held by Microsoft. Panasonic also fell from the top 10, displaced by Intel which came in at #9.

The complete top 10:

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.14.45 PM

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good morning, readers. Memorial Day always marks the unofficial beginning of summer here in New York and we couldn’t be happier to put the long, cold, and snowy winter behind us.  Please take a look at the latest updates in foreign patent filing for the week of May 19th:

  • In recent patent troll news, legislation protecting companies against non-practicing entities was killed on Wednesday in the Senate. 
  • In a surprising turn of events, Apple and Samsung are giving truce talks another shot in an effort to settle their legal differences outside of the courtroom.
  • South Korea will now participate in donating funds to protect intellectual property. Korea will participate in funding many of the leading projects that are undertaken by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • inovia news: The inovia team got back from Hong Kong last week from INTA’s 2014 Annual Meeting. Read more about the trip here.  

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Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good afternoon, friends! I hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend.  Before you go, please take a look at the latest headlines in foreign filing news!

  • The two technology giants, Samsung and Apple, recently declared a truce on all non-US patent disputes.
  • Tesla got their trademark back! The dispute threatened to complicate the companies expansion into the world auto market. 
  • Adam Carolla won’t back down from a patent troll! Even after the suit was dropped, the comedian hopes to make an example of Personal Audio by invalidating their patent.
  • inovia news: Have you downloaded our 5th annual IP Trends Indicator? Click here now to check out the most definitive resource for IP professionals!

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