At RWS, we recognize that our operations impact upon the environment. We are committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our operations by reducing negative environmental impacts, preventing pollution, protecting the environment and enhancing positive impacts wherever reasonably practicable.

We measure and monitor our significant environmental impacts, where we have the ability, and have set objectives and targets for their reduction. We have developed an Environmental Plan to reduce our carbon emissions and environmental performance is reviewed six-monthly and audited annually against our objectives and targets.

Our head office in Chalfont St Peter is ISO 14001:2015 certified and we are now seeking to roll this out to our other offices.  We commit to the continual improvement of our environmental management system to enhance environmental performance and protect the environment. We also have in place an action plan to manage hazardous waste and substances and have implemented a waste sorting system.

RWS measures its carbon emissions globally, and in conjunction with Carbon Footprint Ltd, assessed its carbon footprint successfully for 2019.

In accordance with our key principle of improving the environmental sustainability of our business, RWS undertakes to:

  • comply with the spirit as well as the letter of all applicable environmental legislation, approved codes of practice and any other requirements not codified by law to which we subscribe
  • cooperate fully and maintain open relationships with all regulatory authorities
  • comply with the environmental requirements of the company’s clients
  • continually improve the sustainability of our operations by reducing negative environmental impacts and developing positive impacts wherever reasonably practicable

These commitments will be achieved, wherever practicable, by:

  • minimizing our contribution to climate change by reducing the use of all raw materials, energy, water, and supplies
  • preventing pollution of the environment including minimizing releases to air, land, and water
  • implementing a waste management hierarchy to minimize the quantity of waste produced
  • reducing the need for business travel and otherwise encouraging the use of more sustainable forms of transport
  • providing environmental progress and performance updates to employees, clients, and other interested stakeholders
  • ensuring that all employees, persons, and organizations working on our behalf are familiar with our policy

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