Moeller IP Advisors offers you 90 years’ of experience with IP expertise in Latin America.

As a law firm, we specialize in providing a complete range of Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affair services throughout the Latin American region. With four offices located on two continents, Moeller employs more than 70 highly trained IP professionals. Moeller provides one contact and power of attorney at domestic prices. With Moeller IP Advisors, you receive simplicity in a complex region.

Moeller’s team includes patent and trademark attorneys, lawyers, certified translators in different languages, IT consultants and technical advisors, including chemists, engineers and biotechnologists. The firm’s staff is readily available to attend to clients’ requirements in Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and French. This flexible system of consolidated IP services allows Moeller to achieve the perfect balance between high-quality and cost-efficient IP services.


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