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Webinar: Crowdsourced COVID-19 Documentation Case Study

4 Jun 2020

8:00 AM PDT/10:00 AM CT/11:00 AM EDT/4:00PM GMT+1/5:00 PM GMT+2


Join RWS for this special webinar as we discuss the methodology, results and free accessibility of our crowdsourced COVID-19 treatment and vaccine documentation search. Hosted by Peter Vanderheyden (COO, RWS IP Research), with guests Dr Stacy Landry (Study Manager, RWS IP Research) and NJ Thompson (Director, Client Services, RWS IP Research) they will cover

  • Parameters and methodology of the search,
  • Engagement and results from the Crowd,
  • How to access the results from the COVID-19 documentation search on our AOP Connect platform for free, and
  • How to use AOP Connect to make best use of the results.

As a prime case study on both AOP Connect and crowdsourcing, you will not want to miss this webinar.

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