IPPH and RWS China: Partnership Highlights

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On December 19th, Intellectual Property Publishing House (IPPH) division leaders and colleagues visited RWS China and conducted in-depth and friendly exchanges on several topics including potential international business cooperation opportunities. RWS China and IPPH have five years of cooperation history, for which IPPH awarded the trophies to RWS China as souvenirs. We look forward to many more events and partnerships with IPPH in 2018 and beyond.


IPPH海外事业部和国际业务负责等人于12月19日来访RWS China,就潜在国际业务合作机会等几项议题进行了深入、友好地交流。RWS China与IPPH已有5年的合作历史,为此IPPH颁发了奖杯给RWS China,作为留念。