PatBase mentioned in two recent reports

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PatBase was recently mentioned as source for patent data in two reports,  “Nutrient management from biogas digester effluents: a bibliometric-based analysis of publications and patents” and « From rare to routine – medicines for rare diseases, vaccines and antibiotics ».

The first report was published in the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology by Minesoft client IRSTEA, a French national research institute that focusses on agriculture and the environment. The second report was published by Marks & Clerk and reveals innovation trends in treatments for rare diseases and widespread conditions.

Data for both reports was provided by PatBase in conjunction with Minesoft.

To access the reports, please click here and here. For more information about our Patent Search services, please contact your nearest RWS office or leave a comment below.

RWS inovia and PatBase Integration Complete

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We are very pleased to announce that the RWS inovia platform and PatBase have been formally integrated. Our 1-click quote feature now obtains patent information from the PatBase system instead of from WIPO.

PatBase, a Minesoft company, is a trusted search tool used by corporations and law firms around the world. It’s a robust and secure platform to search, review and share critical patent information. In aligning our services with PatBase, the patent data we pull for each quote is now more accurate and secure than ever.

Please get in contact with your nearest RWS inovia office with any questions. This will not change how you place and obtain quotes in our platform.

Praise for PatBase in Pharmaceutical Patent Analysis

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RWS inovia’s Information Division was founded in 1958 and offers a wide range of high quality IP searches. With stringent search protocols certified to ISO 9001, and resources including PatBase, our own robust international patent database, we are a preferred search partner of industry law firms, licensing organizations and tech transfer offices.

PatBase currently has over 30,000 users and covers over 47 million patent families with historical information dating back to the early 1900s. In a recent article in the Pharmaceutical Patent Analysis, Sophie Bergeron & James L. Grant discuss prior art and validity searches. They found PatBase to be a useful search platform and specifically mentioned the functionalities of Citation Explorer.

To learn more about our search services, click here and get in contact with your nearest RWS inovia office for more information.