Translators Association of China: 2017 Conference

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Recently the China Language Services Conference & Annual Conference of Translators Association of China was held in Beijing. As the first corporate strategic partner of the Language Services Competency Assessment (LSCAT) project sponsored by Translators Association of China (TAC), RWS has been playing an important role in such activities. During the conference, RWS China delivered three lectures in separate forums, sharing RWS’s unique service experience and industry performance which has enhanced RWS’s brand value in the Chinese market.

Similar to ISO 17100, TAC proposed a localized version of the « Translation Services and Translation Services Requirements » standard. They organized nearly 100 enterprises in language services and conducted a preaching about the standard. Victor Wang, CEO of RWS China attended the preaching and introduced the RWS quality control process and quality management system combined with ISO 17100. Victor said that RWS, with a history of nearly 60 years, achieved the honor of the most valued language services company in the world.

In an environment of innovation, the rapid development of the intellectual property (IP) industry in China has challenged the overall capability of the IP industry in language services. The conference set up two related thematic forums: “Synergy of School-Enterprise Innovation and Ecosystem Construction in the Language Services Industry” and “Talent Training for IP Language Services”. Jennifer Zheng, Deputy Managing Director and Freya Wang, Director of Quality and Training at RWS China gave separate speeches in these two forums.

They mentioned that as one of the world’s leading language services providers in the IP space, RWS has been active in School-Enterprise cooperation since 2010. In the last few years, RWS has built in-depth cooperative relationships with several famous universities, providing students with professional trainings in both IP and translation, including opportunities to become professional translators and project managers. With rapid development in AI technology and increasing attention paid to the IP area, RWS has been actively embracing the new technologies. RWS also attempted to combine these technologies with its existing expertise in patent database etc. to make further improvements in translation capability/efficiency, meanwhile establishing new cooperative models with universities.