Gearing up for INTA’s Annual Meeting 2017

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With the International Trademark Association’s (INTA) annual conference set to take place in sunny Barcelona this week, we at RWS are excited to once again reconnect with our global colleagues, clients and IP industry peers. INTA has grown into the intellectual property’s largest gathering of IP professionals in the world and serves as an annual benchmark of the topics and trends that will set the tone for the rest of 2017.

Looking back to last year’s event, held in Orlando, we saw several key trends emerging that showed an evolving and expanding path for IP management, trademark law and the role of trademark and patent lawyers. Trademark lawyers are increasingly becoming an integral part of the marketing team as creating and protecting distinct brands in the digital age is becoming more of a challenge. And this is increasingly on a global scale, heightening the importance of having a strong foreign filing and IP translation partner.

Shortly after last year’s INTA conference RWS issued its 7th Annual Global Patent and IP Trends Indicator, an in-depth look at the filing strategies of U.S. and European patent owners over the previous year. Not surprisingly, many of our findings echoed what was discussed in Orlando. Our survey found an increase in international IP filing and search, concerns over the fallout from Alice Corp v. CLS Bank Ruling in the US, and the rising importance of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) on the international stage.

Since that time, the industry has only continued upon its dynamic path. Looking at this year’s agenda, we were struck by how the global theme was reflected in many of the programs, from understanding how cultural differences impact the trademark industry to finding the right global legal counsel to navigate complex international markets. It is hardly a coincidence this year’s event is being hosted in Barcelona.

At RWS, we too have gone more global, as we expanded the international reach of our 8th Annual Global Patent and IP Trends Indicator survey! We polled more international IP professionals than ever, and here is a preview of what they said:

  • Overall patent activity and international filing rates remain on the rise
  • European Unitary Patent is firmly on the minds of patent professionals around the world
  • China continues its development as a key international IP hub
  • Concerns in the US around patent quality, continued fallout from the AIA and post grant challenges with the change from first-to-invent to first-to-file

Please stop by Booth C24-26 from May 21-24 to visit with our IP professionals and learn more about the RWS service suite.

We look forward to not only discussing these issues and more with you in Barcelona, but issuing our full findings in early June. If you are attending this year’s INTA Conference, please look out for our team and follow us as on our social channels @inoviaIP for live updates!

Foreign Filing Roundup

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Happy Friday and good afternoon! We have compiled a list of the latest headlines in foreign filing news from the week of February 29th:

  • inovia news: Our annual IP Trends Survey is now open. If you are a patent professional responding on behalf of a company or university, we invite you to participate.
  • The EPO’s annual forum on Asian patent information, « East meets West » is happening on April 21st & 22nd. Learn more about the two-day event here.
  • Offensive trademark applications have been suspended by the USPTO until the Supreme Court reviews.
  • The European Patent Office (EPO)’s annual report is now out. Download the complete report now. 

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Sam Adams Seeks to Trademark « Boston 2024 »

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In preparation for possibly hosting the Boston Olympics in 2024, the maker of the city’s Sam Adams beer has filed two trademark applications. The Beer Company applied to the USPTO for a trademark on « Boston 2024 », which would be limited to beer, Jessica Paar, a spokeswoman for the brewery, said on Wednesday. Although polls show residents of Boston oppose the idea of possibly hosting the games in 2024, the maker of the city’s Sam Adams beer has its sight set on the trademark.

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Friday Foreign Filing Roundup

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Good afternoon.  Please see below for the latest updates in foreign patent filing:

  • The White House unveiled patent reform initiatives aimed at strengthening the system.
  • T-Mobile won an injunction against AT&T over a magenta trademark.
  • The USPTO recently granted a patent for a disgraced scientist’s fraudulent work.
  • In case you missed it last week, here are 17 patents that make the Winter Olympics possible!

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