Supply Chain and Recruitment

Growing global enterprises need localization to happen at higher speeds and larger volumes than ever—and this will only intensify as the world increasingly demands content in native languages. To increase speed and volume while maintaining consistent quality, you need the right resources, at scale. 

Yet qualifying, onboarding, training and assigning qualified talent at the right time is no small feat. Global supply chain and recruitment require a partner with an extensive network and the means to leverage it strategically.

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Vendor relations

Our dedicated Vendor Relations Management Team sources highly specialized partners—subject-matter experts, cultural experts, creative resources, post-editors, testers, keyword researchers and more—across hundreds of countries and languages.
Vendor relations
Supply chain monitoring and analysis
Community resourcing
Managed services and outsourcing

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We take a collaborative, creative approach to supply chain and recruitment. We match best-fit resources to your unique content and program requirements and provide transparent linguist performance data so you can confidently leave your projects in our hands.