5 Reasons to file in New Zealand

(This is the first of a series of posts about particular countries.)

Five good reasons for filing a New Zealand Patent application:

1. New Zealand is a relatively inexpensive country in which to get patent protection.

2. The New Zealand Patent Office provides fast, good quality examination. You can often use what you learn during New Zealand examination in other countries.

3. The New Zealand market is an ideal testing ground for new products and services. New Zealand consumers are sophisticated, well-educated, and relatively affluent – and readily accepting of new products and services.

4. New Zealand IP rights are robust. They are predictable and can be enforced at considerably lower cost than in many other markets.

5. Once a patent application is allowed by an examiner (and providing no opposition is filed), the grant process is quick, simple and cheap.

Thanks to Ian Cockburn at PIPERS, our agent in New Zealand, for this information; you can reach him online at icockburn@piperpat.com.


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