America’s favorite pastime: Baseball Patents
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America’s favorite pastime: Baseball Patents

Spring is here and as the sun grows hotter we get ready for picnics, beach days and if you are a baseball fan you can’t wait for some peanuts and Cracker Jack. It doesn’t matter if you root for the Yankees or the Dodgers, read about some of the patents that you might recognize from America’s favorite pastime!

1) Protective Garment for Baseball Umpires Having an Inner Cushioned Layer and an Outer Layer of Interconnected Plates

This patent for a chest protector has an inner layer that can flex to to fit the shape of a torso, can provide comfort, and will help protect an umpire from any damage if they get hit by a stray ball or flying bat piece.

2) Baseball Cap with Interchangeable Logos 

Maybe you’re a fan of different baseball teams, but don’t want to buy multiple baseball hats. This cap features a front panel with a button that allows the user to easily attach and swap out different team logos.

3) Baseball Bat with Training Weight

Apply weight training to baseball training with this circular weight! If used properly, this training device helps to improve a player’s batting ability.

4) Outfield Wall Structure for a Baseball Playing Field

This outfield structure boasts an angled wall as opposed to a vertical wall for two reasons: to reduce the force of the trajectory of a ball when it hits the wall, and to reduce injury when a player might run into the wall.

5) Kit for Baseball Field

This portable kit includes Velcro bases, plates, and measuring tape to convert a plain, regulation-sized field into a baseball field for kids to play.

And remember, in the words of Babe Ruth, “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”