“Britain, your IP costs just went up”

Earlier this month, our Founder, Justin Simpson published an opinion article with Real Business Magazine discussing how the recent Brexit will effect the upcoming Unitary patent.

The terms of the Unitary patent were agreed in 2012 & 2013 and needed to be ratified by 13 of 25 countries (including the UK, France and Germany). The UK legislation passed the UP by both Houses of Parliament in March 2016. The last thing left was for the UK to notify the EU that they ratified the UPC and wait for two other countries to ratify it. In all likelihood, it would have come into force sometime early next year. But then there was the Brexit. 

Read Justin’s article in entirety here. Do you agree with his argument that there is a slim chance the Unitary patent will come into fruition early next year? We invite you to discuss in the comment section below.


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