China Leads Global Patent Application Growth

China propelled global patents to a new record of 2.9 million applications in 2015. They are the first office to file more than a million applications in a calendar year. This is an overall growth rate of 7.8% over 2014 and the sixth year in a row patent prosecution rose according to WIPO’s annual World Intellectual Property Indicators (WIPI) report.

Trademark applications rose by 15.3% to 6 million in 2015, as worldwide industrial design applications grew by 2.4% to 872,800.

The top patent filers by region:

  1. China – 1,101,864
  2. United States – 589,410
  3. Japan – 318,721
  4. Republic of Korea – 213,694
  5. European Patent Office (EPO) – 160,028

The top five offices accounted for 82% of global filings. U.S. applicants were responsible for the most abroad applications, marking a 6% increase over the previous year, followed by Japan and Germany respectively.

An estimated 10. million patents were in force around the world in 2015. A quarter of these were in the United States (24.9%), followed by 18.3% in Japan and 13.9% in China. Computer tech accompanied for 7.9% of the total patents and saw the highest percentage of published patent applications worldwide, followed by electrical machinery (7.3%) and digital communications (4.9%).

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