Chinese Intellectual Property News – March 2015

Hello, readers! Our friends at AFD China recently released their monthly newsletter. Please see below for the highlights from March: 

  • A draft of China’s first e-commerce law will be completed by the end of this year setting up further deliberation by the top legislature in 2016.
  • With a new bill, lawmakers in China are asking for greater monetary incentives for inventors in academia to commercially benefit from their work.
  • As patent infringement and violations have increased in the past few years, Chinese experts are urging legislation for trade secret protection.
  • The China Innovation Index (CII), which measures innovation capability, rose 3.1% to 152.8 in 2013.
  • China has become one of the most popular applicants for patents in Europe over the past few years. Filings from China reached 26,472, accounting for around 9% of the total received.

Thanks again to our colleagues at AFD China for issuing this very informative newsletter. Also, for more updates relating to foreign patent filing, please follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP.


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