Chinese Intellectual Property News – November 2013

Hello everyone! Our friends at AFD China recently released their November 2013 newsletter.  Please see below for the highlights from their latest edition:

  • Recently, SIPO and IPOS entered an agreement to exchange patent data.  Their plan aims to strengthen the ties between the two countries and create new opportunities for businesses. 
  • China received upwards of 256,000 invention applications from home and granted 73,000 invention applications in 2013. This shows an upward trend, with Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang rounding out the top five provinces.
  • China has implemented 8 revisions to provide greater protection for well-known marks and impose penalties on infringers.
  • The longest running instant food lawsuit in China ended with an agreement under which both parties must give up the rights to the disputed trademark.
  • The Harbin Science and Technology Bureau recently held a patent trade fair, where contracts for 60 projects were signed, valued at $1.63 million.

Thanks again to our colleagues at AFD China for issuing this very informative newsletter.  For more updates relating to foreign patent filing, please follow us on Twitter @inoviaIP


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