Webinar Recap: Crowdsourcing Evidence of Use: How and Why You Should
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Webinar Recap: Crowdsourcing Evidence of Use: How and Why You Should

Last week, RWS and Article One Partners (AOP) led an engaging panel discussion on Crowdsourcing Evidence of Use (EoU).

For most, EoU is a well-known and critical aspect of a complete IP program. Whether you engage the traditional methods of hiring outside consultants, or perhaps you have your own dedicated internal search team, you are probably familiar with challenges they present: scalability, cost and efficiency.

Peter Vanderheyden and Tim Brisson highlighted the ways in which crowdsourcing your EoU searches with AOP can alleviate and provide solutions for each of the above issues.

Crowdsourcing enables you to engage hundreds of researchers from around the globe, each with their own unique background, geographic location and personal resources, without the associated overhead costs of having them available at all times. Combined with the power of the AOP Connect™ platform, this unique way of conducting EoU searches gives you the flexibility to analyze your entire portfolio, rather than performing costly “one-off” searches.

Adrianne Luu (AT&T) highlighted how AOP’s approach allowed her team to integrate the results of the EoU searches into their business system at a scale where they quickly found return. For many, this is a paradigm shift in how EoU searches are traditionally viewed. Rather than thinking of your EoU searches as a component fed into your “legal” arm, EoU searches, when properly leveraged, can support a number of non-litigious business strategies.

“The [AT&T] sales team, because of integration with [AOP Connect], has access to the results of these EoU [studies] immediately, so this helps them to identify the assets that have higher quality, up front, and it also gives them the ability to download the results,” explained Adrianne. As Adrianne further clarified, this allows their team to have the EoU results in hand before ever approaching a potential client, rather than having to “scramble” and assemble EoU after the fact.

Crowdsourcing EoU is more than just a different way of approaching EoU; it can provide a new lens into how you approach the management of your IP as a whole. Whether you seek ways to enhance portfolio monetization, brand protection or even licensing enforcement, crowdsourcing can help provide distinct advantages across the board.

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