European Patent Validation Soon Available in Morocco

The Minister for Industry, Commerce and New Technologies of Morocco, Ahmed Reda Chami, and the President of the European Patent Office, Benoit Battistelli, recently signed an agreement to allow validation of granted European patents in Morocco.  Availability of Morocco as a validation destination is set to commence once the necessary legislation is passed by the Moroccan government. 

This agreement is unique in that Morocco is not a contracting state to the European Patent Convention, nor does it have an extension agreement with the European Patent Organization.  Regardless, European patents validated in Morocco will be afforded the same legal effects as those in other EPO member states. 

Although Morocco may not rank high in priority for some applicants, this agreement marks an important step in the expansion of European patent protection.  It opens the door for other non-member European countries to follow in Morocco’s footsteps. 

More information can be found here on the EPO website.

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