Evidence of Use & How Crowdsourcing Can Help Monetize Your Portfolio

Finding Evidence of Use (EoU) for patents in your portfolio can be a distinct advantage when approaching the negotiating table for a licensing arrangement or a sale, but conducting those searches is not always easy. Searching internally can be a drain on internal resources and other search options can be very costly, casting only a narrow search of the resources and areas of the market with which they are familiar. When approaching EoU Article One Partners (AOP), an RWS company, suggests you consider the following:

  1. Increase Value – As the value of the brokered patent market continues to shrink (down from 233M USD to 165M USD between 2015 and 2016), getting every dollar from your high-value patent assets becomes more important; EoU is one way of doing that. In 2016, patents with EoU drove a 27% premium over those without.
  2. Protect Your Brand – A thorough, crowdsourced, EoU search program can uncover both opportunities to license and instances of outright counterfeiting, giving you an awareness over your IP program that you did not have before. Armed with this knowledge, you can make the most informed decisions as to how to approach the other side.
  3. Consider a Program – Not everyone will have an appetite for a full-scale EoU program, but if you are interested in assessing the value of your portfolio one-off searches can be costly and inefficient. Crowdsourcing your EoU searches allows you economy of scale, and better chances of finding a “hit”.
  4. Resources – When prior art consists of public information anywhere in the world, you need to cast a wide net; having the right tools and resources is critical. AOP Connect™, can help you quickly review, rank, highlight and search through prior art documents. AOP’s Community of researchers bring their own individual resources and expertise to the equation, giving your search a balance of diversity not achievable when acting alone.
  5. Build a Program – If you have considered a program before, but simply did not have the right partner or resources to do so, crowdsourcing EoU with AOP can give you resources you need. AOP has experience working with clients to systematically integrate their internal platforms with AOP Connect, helping them reach their goals sooner and more effectively.

For more information and details on Evidence of Use and how RWS and AOP approach it differently, please click here to access the download form.