Evidence of Use Webinar: Join Us!
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Evidence of Use Webinar: Join Us!

Join us on April 10th, 2018 at 12:00PM EST, for our upcoming webinar:

‘Crowdsourcing Evidence of Use: How and Why You Should’

The webinar will be presented by Peter Vanderheyden, CEO of AOP and guest speaker Neil Simpkin, Managing Director of RWS Patent Information.

Evidence of Use (EoU) assists you in demonstrating and establishing the value of your intellectual property as a function of its being used in the marketplace. The webinar will cover:

  • Market data on why you should consider an EoU process for your IP program, if you have not already
  • A full breakdown and walkthrough of what we do to give you a competitive edge through EoU
  • Why crowdsourcing EoU systematically outperforms traditional methods
  • How our proprietary platform, AOP Connect™, empowers you to scale-up your search capabilities without having to scale-up your workload
  • Success stories and case studies on how our clients have used AOP’s methodology in the past

Register for the webinar here.