Featured Researcher: Alfiet
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Featured Researcher: Alfiet

This month’s Featured Researcher is Alfiet, a microbiologist from Italy! client1-resized-600

Alfiet feels that “knowing the available free databases on the Internet” and “studying the study and identifying the key words” are skills that have proven the most useful in her research.

She utilizes resources such as PubMed, Patentscope, ResearchGate, NASA, and others to find high-quality references.

For Alfiet, the most enjoyable part about being an AOP Researcher is learning. “I have learnt the patenting process and that the same items or processes may be patented in different countries at different times in the time of process or article,” she said.

Alfiet’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. To be meticulous.
  2. To be a fast reader.
  3. To try to understand the patent very well