Featured Researcher: Deepa B.
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Featured Researcher: Deepa B.

This month’s Featured Researcher is Deepa B, an IP Analyst from India! Deepa’s experience and familiarity with prior art and validity searching are very helpful when it comes to her research.

Deepa finds that understanding different technologies and being able to summarize the concepts are useful skills for patent research.

She utilizes resources such as Google Scholar, Espacenet, technical disclosures, USPTO and more and to find high-quality references.

“I have learnt to look at a patent in a different way,” Deepa says. “The more I search the more I become aware of technicality involved in a patent. Patents can be for a very small technical feature.”

Deepa’s Search’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Be clear of Research requirements; be focused on Search scope
  2. Use different search strategies, keyword search, classification search, concept base search
  3. Try to used different resources, the more the better.