Featured Researcher: Demetra
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Featured Researcher: Demetra

This month’s Featured Researcher is Demetra, a Statistician from the USA. Demetra has a background in Mathematics, Literature, and Philosophy.


Demetra has found that her skills in solving logic puzzles and doing data visualizations are the most useful when it comes to AOP Research.

“On the one hand, I enjoy the competition in hunting for new unduplicated prior art,” she said. “On the other hand, when I spend time on finding the most exquisitely perfectly aligned study, only to press submit and see that it is a duplication, I am briefly devastated. But then I snap out [of] it, when there is a new study. After doing AOP research, I also really appreciate all of the patent really questions on the U.S. television show ‘Shark Tank.'”

Demetra generally utilizes resources such as Wolfram Alpha to help understand the terminology on specific engineering and mechanical design patents.

Since joining AOP, one of Demetra’s most exciting research discoveries was “finding antique documents from NASA’s jet propulsion lab on the initial build of components of spacecraft.”

Demetra’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Even if I am not prepared to submit, I press the respond key so that I can access, print out and review the list of known art. This reduces wasting time on finding known art.
  2. After reviewing the figures and diagrams in a patent, I use Google Image Search to direct me to the documents using similarly figures or block diagrams.
  3. I devour the study patent like I am reading a good novel so that I can understand the area of science it focuses on.