Featured Researcher: Hrudaya S
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Featured Researcher: Hrudaya S

Our November Featured Researcher is Hrudaya S, a full-time AOP Researcher! Hrudaya has about 14 years of experience in intellectual property rights and IPR management.

This experience coupled with “a fertile imagination” and common sense are, he believes, his most useful skills when it comes to searching. He also believes that knowledge of a “second language other than English will be a gamechanger.”

Hrudaya utilizes resources such as Google Scholar, Thesis, Sciencedirect, and more to find high-quality references.

He enjoys learning while searching for prior art. For example, when Hrudaya was looking for earliest prior known art for 3D printing technology, he found both a Japanese and a French reference.

Hrudaya’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Always believe that there is a prior art.
  2. If not in English, try other languages.
  3. “If you [work] long enough, hard enough and enthusiastically enough, sooner or latter the effort will bring forth the reward” – Zig Ziglar