Featured Researcher: Ip_Search
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Featured Researcher: Ip_Search

This month’s Featured Researcher is Ip_Search, an IP Analyst from India. Ip_Search has a MA in Nanotechnology with a Lifesciences background, and has around 3 years of experience in IP, which has been useful in his research with AOP.

researcherFor Ip_Search, the most enjoyable part about being an AOP Researcher is the freedom to choose the searches.”Article One Partners provides opportunity for doing so many cross-domain searches,” he said. “Because of so many searches in various areas, one can improve his/her research experiences.”

He utilizes resources such as Google, Espacenet KIPRIS, IEEE and others to find high-quality references.

“I have learned a lot while searching,” said Ip_Search. “I get to know in detail… how a system or device works, which in [the] real world,  I do not think I would ever try to find out. And sometimes it feels good to boast about your knowledge of things.”

Ip_Search’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Be competitive.
  2. Stay up to date.
  3. [Be a] good learner.