Featured Researcher: Pavan9610
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Featured Researcher: Pavan9610

This month’s Featured Researcher is Pavan9610, a Lead Engineer from Hyderabad, India. Pavan9610 has a Master’s in VLSI design and has seven years of experience in patent search and analysis. Pavan9610 has worked on various projects involving validity, patentability, freedom to operate, landscape studies, infringement analysis, and company portfolios.


Pavan9610 has found that “Understanding the requirement, [and going] through the patent citations [to] get a better understanding about the technology,” has been helpful in his AOP Research.

Like most Researchers, he enjoys the thrill of “searching and finding good prior art,” especially if it is foreign prior art or non-patent literature. “I have learned [while] searching hidden non patent references and came across different technologies like wearable technologies and new materials,” he said.

Pavan9610 generally utilizes resources such as Patbase, Thomson Innovation,  Google Scholar, IEEE xplore, ACM and others to find high-quality references.

Pavan9610’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Do not expect success for every study
  2. Do not lose hope and try until you get a good reference
  3. Focus on your research and use the databases/resources according to the technology