Featured Researcher: Raman Deep Singh
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Featured Researcher: Raman Deep Singh

This month’s Featured Researcher is Raman Deep Singh from India! Raman is the director of an IP firm; coupled with his education in engineering, electronics & communications, Raman has been a great and active researcher.


“Searching is what thrills me the most,” said Raman. “When a new project is uploaded and a search gives you bang-on results, and sometimes you learn new ways to retrieve a document — that is interesting.” Raman’s 3+ years of patent researching plus out of the box searching methods have proved more useful.

Raman generally utilizes resources such as Google Patents, IEEE explore, Thomson Innovation and IP.com to find unique, high-quality references for submission.

Raman’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Work smart and fast otherwise, you have duplicate results.
  2. Look for best result matching all requirements, not just results.
  3. Search for both patent and non-patent. Sometimes patent references are good.