Featured Researcher: Ramy T
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Featured Researcher: Ramy T

This month’s Featured Researcher is Ramy T, an Engineer from Ohio. Ramy’s background is in Electrical Engineering, and is currently pursuing a PhD in that field. In addition to his work in CMOS mixed-signal circuit design, Ramy has also authored and co-authored 3 patents, 2 pending patents, and several IEEE publications.


Ramy feels that his “attention to details through [his] experience as a researcher, a circuit designer, and an author of few patents,” is another useful skill when searching for prior art.

Ramy finds that “the diverse nature of topics to be researched and having to compete with other researcher on being first to find sources of relevance to the research topic proposed,” can be challenging, but it’s shown him “broader perspective of technologies outside my [sic] areas of research.” One of Ramy’s recent discoveries while searching for prior art dealt with artificial intelligence technology in the healthcare research.

Ramy utilizes resources such as IEEE xplore, online patent searches and online library resources to find high-quality references.

Ramy T’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Pay attention to details
  2. Use multiple sources
  3. Agility can be helpful