Featured Researcher: Ritjack
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Featured Researcher: Ritjack

Our January Featured Researcher is Ritjack, an Intellectual Property Management Expert from India! Ritjack has a decade’s worth of experience related to all types of patent searching.

Ritjack’s prior experience, coupled with the ability to identify key features to be searched, are some of his most useful skills when it comes to searching.

Since starting as an AOP Researcher, Ritjack has enjoyed being able “to find what most couldn’t”, as well as learning more about how to use internet archives more efficiently for mining NPL references.

Ritjack utilizes different resources such as IEEE, Espacenet, websites of patent offices in individual countries, Pubmed, and more  for high-quality references.

One of Ritjack’s exciting experiences as a Researcher was when he found  ‘rank 4’ in-scope prior art for an invalidation study, “from the website of the assignee of the target patent.”

Ritjack’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Always have [a] ‘Never say die’ attitude, be hopeful
  2. Keep enhancing your searching skills
  3. Enjoy taking calculated risks