Featured Researcher: RS Nolan
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Featured Researcher: RS Nolan

Our February Featured Researcher is RSNolan, a patent researcher who has been with AOP for 3 years! 

RSNolan’s prior experience, coupled with his ability to find new ways to use search engines and track findings, are some of his most useful skills when it comes to searching.

He finds being an AOP Researcher is “a unique and enjoyable opportunity to learn while getting paid,” although being a Researcher is not without its challenges.

RSNolan utilizes resources such as the CPC at the USPTO website for high-quality references.

One of RSNolan’s exciting experiences as a Researcher was learning about how his [computer] mouse works and learning about the future of Artificial Intelligence.

RSNolan’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Carefully study the description and look for keywords
  2. Search for keywords
  3. Be thorough in completing the highlights