Featured Researcher: Saindhava
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Featured Researcher: Saindhava

This month’s Featured Researcher is Saindhava from India! A freelancer with an MBA in International Business, Saindhava has been with AOP since 2011.

Saindhava considers his software development experience, his reading comprehension, and his skills as a certified Google Power Searcher to be the most useful in dealing with AOP research.

“It is very exciting for me to use my search skills to hunt for the relevant prior art,” said Saindhava. “My recent success with EOU studies is also making me to feel elated about it. Competing with researchers around the world with varied educational background is also a satisfying one. Working with great companies and helping them is another point of enjoyment.”

He generally utilizes Google to find unique, high-quality references for submission.

Saindhava said that due to his software developer experience, his winning history most reflects the software-related patent studies. Yet, he likes to try for other domains, as “it is a chance to learn new things along our research journey with AOP.”

Saindhava’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Try to understand the core of the Claims
  2. Read many tech related articles to understand the technical jargons that are used in the claims.
  3. Finally, connect the dots