Featured Researcher: Satish M
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Featured Researcher: Satish M

This month’s Featured Researcher is Satish M, an Intellectual Property Consultant from India. Satish has more than 6 years of patent research experience under his belt, which is helpful as a Researcher at AOP.

Satish - New Photo

Satish feels that “understanding the exact novelty of [a] patent is most important.”

“I use to read the patent under consideration thoroughly and then tried to search related articles of the inventors to have a broad view of technology,” he said. “Searching closely related inventors generally provides good articles.”

Satish finds that the freedom to work in different technology areas different from your education background challenges you most. One of his recent discoveries while searching for prior art dealt with catheter package assembly and a few of its technology loopholes.

Satish utilizes resources such as IEEE xplore, Google Scholar, PubMed and Patbase to find high-quality references.

Satish M’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Develop a good understand of technology by reading related news, articles and patents
  2. If you found some good articles then build your search around that articles. Find other references from the inventors and Assignees.
  3. For validity searches always go through the file wrapper. This will help you learn the examiner search strategy and his/her view point. You can compare your search strategy with the examiner and can found loopholes.