Featured Researcher: Siddhidatri
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Featured Researcher: Siddhidatri

This month’s Featured Researcher is Siddhidatri from India!

Siddhidatri’s experience in patent research started out as a hobby. She learned about different methods and tools available for patent searching online. In addition, Siddhidatri uses foreign language searches and understands which databases yields good results.

“I started working with AOP on a regular basis from 2012 wherein I started winning,” Siddhidatri said. “In 2013 I was among the highest earners. It was a great feeling.”

She generally utilizes resources such as Thomas Innovation, Web of Science, ACM Digital Library and others to find unique, high-quality references for submission.

One of Siddhidatri’s more memorable search experiences involved visiting shops in her city and traveling to two cities as well to find what she needed for an Evidence of Use Study.

Siddhatri’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Keep learning about new databases
  2. Once exhausted with the search, leave it for sometime and start fresh with new orientation
  3. Learn from strategies used by USPTO searchers