Featured Researcher: Simon S
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Featured Researcher: Simon S

This month’s Featured Researcher is Simon S, a patent engineer from Quebec City, Canada!

As well as analyzing patents for evidence of use and preparing claim charts for a Canadian company, Simon has also drafted, filed and prosecuted 68 solo patent applications–65 were granted– in many fields; all self-taught experience!

He believes his analytical and organizational skills, attention to detail, and “open-mindedness to look elsewhere for prior art and evidence of use” have been the most useful skills in his Research at AOP.

Simon generally utilizes resources such as Google, Google Patents, and Espacenet to find unique, high-quality references for submission.

Simon says he has enjoyed the “intellectual stimulation” from being an AOP Researcher, and has learned the extent to which AOP’s clients seek them out for their assistance in specific matters, such as litigation.

Simon’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Patience
  2. Persistance
  3. Perseverance