Featured Researcher: Srivi
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Featured Researcher: Srivi

This month’s Featured Researcher is Srivi, a patent researcher from India. He had 5 years of experience as a patent analyst under his belt before joining AOP.

researcherSrivi believes that “understanding the technology in depth,” is a useful skill for AOP research. “Following that, getting to know about the prior art using known references would give an idea about the need for the present technology,” he continued. “The above said information would help to identify specific keywords to target the best reference that the client might be looking for.”

He utilizes resources such as Google, PubMed, Sciencedirect, Springerlink and others to find high-quality references.

“Researching patents/technology boosted my creativity and inspired me to do higher studies in the future, specifically in the areas of computational chemistry and biology,” Srivi said.

Srivi’s Top Tips for Research:

1. To start with, understand the basic concepts of the technology and go through the prior art references as well, to know the need of the present technology

2. The above knowledge would give a clue on the keyword to be used for targeting the collection of references

3. Using synonyms of keywords used in citation references, along with combining other keywords that would best describe the entire technology, would even more narrow down the hits and makes the identification of the perfect reference easily.