Featured Researcher: Yuyuc
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Featured Researcher: Yuyuc

This month’s Featured Researcher is Yuyuc, a Patent Examiner from Taipei City, Taiwan. Yuyuc’s background is in Electrical Engineering, and has had previous training from the patent office and IP court, where he would “let applicants know whether their inventions have patentability…and collect evidence to assist the efficient progress of the litigation.”


On top of his experience as a Patent Examiner, Yuyuc has learned that taking notice of the requirements and leads, and using various synonyms or different search engines has been helpful in his AOP Research.

“Article One lets me establish how to better self-manage [my] schedule and grasp the technique soon,” said Yuyuc. He finds it “challenging to compete with other researchers,” but enjoys learning about new technologies. “I learned dynamics, thermodynamics, mechanics, topology, etc while conducting a prior art search.”

Yuyuc utilizes resources such as Thomson Innovation, IEEE xplore, ACM, the library and search engines in patent offices to find high-quality references.

Yuyuc’s Top Tips for Research:

  1. Understand the invention and review its history, issues or progress.
  2. Identify which components are essential and minor.
  3. Take a break especially when in deadlock. Then you may find a better direction.