Fee Changes in the Russian Patent Office

In anticipation of Russia joining the World Trade Organization, the Russian Patent Office (Rospatent) recently announced a series of changes to their patent and trademark fee schedules. And in today’s climate where these fees seem to only go up, it’s refreshing to see that the new Russian fees are actually lowered for non-resident applicants (with a slight increase for residents).

Specifically, the changes eliminates the previous fee structure having different fees for resident and non-resident applications, wherein non-residents paid significantly higher amounts.

  Previous fee for residents Previous fee for non-residents New fee
Patent application filing fee 1,200 Rb 5,400 Rb 1,650 Rb
Patent examination fee 1,800 Rb 8,100 Rb 2,450 Rb

Trademark fees were also increased slightly. Trademark filing fees increased from 2,000 RB to 2,700 Rb and examination fees increased from 8,500 Rb to 11,500 RB.

Those applicants opting to file their applications electronically will also enjoy a 15% discount on the official fees.

Patent filings in Russia have increased significantly in the past few years and they are certainly one of the more popular filing destinations for inovia’s clients. Although these fee reductions for non-residents are small, every little bit counts these days.

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