Financial Sector: The Formula for Top Class Interpreting
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Financial Sector: The Formula for Top Class Interpreting

Providing the highest level of interpreting support for the financial sector is challenging. Although English is the language of business, there is a requirement to ensure that everyone has understood exactly what has been discussed.  As new commercial trading relationships develop in addition to all EU languages, we have amongst others supported meetings in Russian, Turkish, Chinese and Korean.

So, just why is the sector so challenging?

First and foremost, the industry has its own specific terminology and with documents and meetings dealing with large investments and complex negotiations; it’s vital that we provide highly specialist and very accurate translation and interpretation.

Understanding the world of financial jargon is difficult whatever the language.  On occasion, it’s a case of knowing when not to translate because the word in question is an internationally understood term. Alternatively certain phrases may have a specific interpretation in each language. If a linguist doesn’t understand the context and meaning of a word, it is very difficult to translate it other than literally which ends up meaning nothing or being open to misunderstanding.

It is a challenge, but one we fully and confidently embrace thanks to developing a hand-picked network of interpreters with exceptionally strong core language skills who have worked on financial projects with investment banks, accountancy and legal firms.

In addition to the language requirements, due to the nature of many of these projects confidentially issues are also paramount. All resources working with us go through a set registration process including being bound by a Confidentiality Agreement and we will also work on any additional client specific NDAs and security requirements.

We have regularly provided assistance with a range of projects from presentations by hedge funds to potential investors to speaker panels at derivatives conferences to European Works Councils for companies operating in this sector. We have also assisted with a number of high level court cases, both helping with the preparation of the pre-trial evidence to facilitating communication between all the judge and all parties during the court case.  Our key aim is that the only challenges come from negotiating the terms of the deal itself not from a lack of communication.